Monday to Friday from 7:30am-5pm
ACHA License: #9445   |   904-420-3900
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Staffed by caring professionals with experience and expertise in dealing with the special needs of adults.


Our focus is to provide care for persons whom loved ones are unable to leave at home alone while they are away. Our services include an initial assessment to determine the participant's specific needs, and then a Care Plan is created in accordance with their needs. We work with physician's, physical therapists, and other medical professionals to ensure seamless care to our participants.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible, we are not setup to provide incontinence care, more than a one-person assist, or behavioral issues which could lead to being a harm to oneself or others.

Diet & Nutrition

We provide a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack to our participants. To the extent possible, we make every effort to accommodate special diets. Our participants enjoy a choice of two options for each meal, and for snacks. We also provide several beverage options throughout the day. Our goal is to keep our participants at optimal nutritional and hydration levels, while also providing delicious options. All of our menus for the month are approved by a board-certified nutritionist.

Respite Care

The Riverfront Adult Day Care provides a private area for our participants to nap or relax in a comfortable recliner, without interruption

Outdoor Patio

The Riverfront Adult Daycare has a large private patio that provides our participants with the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous riverfront views as well as participation in potted gardening, if desired. On days with reasonable weather conditions, we escort participants on a 20-30 minute walk on our beautiful grounds in the morning on our patio, and again in the afternoon.

Stimulating Activities

Stimulating activities are geared toward overall enhancement in quality of life, redirecting as needed, socialization, and much more. We have a wide variety of activities for our participants, including, but not limited to: seated stretch and tone classes; other physical activities, such as indoor volley balloon, and escorted outdoor walking for those who are able. Additionally, we have a myriad of activities, such as board games, music and dancing, card games, word games, crafts, and painting, and two media centers with wall mounted TV's and comfortable recliners, and including multiple premium channels for our participants' enjoyment.

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